Noise Abatement Procedures

The Yucca Valley Airport District and the citizens of the town of Yucca Valley, welcome you to our area. In order to be a good neighbor, the Yucca Valley Airport and the community request you follow these recommended noise abatement procedures, subject to weather, equipment and pilot capabilities. As always, flight safety must supersede noise mitigation procedures.

Traffic Pattern

  • Utilize 123.0 Unicom frequency to announce intentions
  • Pattern altitude should be 4225’ MSL
  • Runway 6 right hand traffic
  • Runway 24 left hand traffic
  • Enter and depart on the downwind leg at a 45 degree angle to see and be seen

Noise Mitigation Procedures (Flight safety must supersede noise mitigation procedures)

  • Use runway 6 as primary departing runway
  • Climb to at least 500’ AGL before initiating crosswind turn
  • After departure on runway 6 take a turn to the left and climb out over drainage ditch
  • Use minimum safe propeller RPM to control noise
  • Reduce power settings as soon as practical
  • Use best angle (Vx) to climb the first 500’ AGL
  • Use best rate (Vy) to achieve maximum altitude
  • Stay at least 500’ AGL on the Pioneer Town departure
  • Please voluntarily avoid arrivals and departures between the hours of 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM
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